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We love raw foods, fresh fruit, vegetables, an active lifestyle and the environment. Together, we organise and run raw food workshops, raw food potlucks and other raw food events. We would like to share this unique perspective and lifestyle with others, who want to make a significant positive change to their lives. However, our goal is not to convert others to adopting a nutritional regime. We are interested in what works and offers genuine health benefits.

Andreas Wegener

Andreas Wegener works as a spiritual healer and medium. His work is also referred to as spiritual healing. Using his ability as a medium, he works as a healer and carries out individual treatment sessions, seminars and meditation groups, where he lovingly guides participants back to themselves. He supports patients in dealing with and overcoming ailments of the body, mind and spirit. He also offers his care and assistance to sick animals. Furthermore, Andreas resolves energetic disturbances in homes and work environments, which are attributed to water veins, disrupted earth meridians or electrosmog.

Andreas Wegener once followed an “omnivorous diet”. He loved typical German home cooking and enjoyed eating large servings of rich and fatty foods. When he started running, however, his attitude towards nutrition changed. One could say that long-distance and marathon running led him to healthier nutrition and lifestyle. For a time, he followed an almost 100% vegetarian diet and then transitioned to a vegan diet. Years later, he discovered the raw food diet. The move to the raw food diet was initially intended to be a 6 week experiment. Upon completion of the experiment, Andreas Wegener decided to adopt the raw food diet because of the exceptional physical and mental health benefits it offered. He noticed substantial changes in himself. His recovery time after a long distance run (25-30 km) was very short, this dramatically improved his performance limit without any feeling of discomfort or exhaustion. He experienced virtually no cramping in his calves or muscle soreness from that point on. The most significant change was to his overall sense of well-being. He felt better than he had in a long time.

Andreas Wegener has followed an almost 100% raw food diet from early 2009. He discovered his joy of preparing meals. He is excited about the variety of ways to prepare easy, fast and delectable vital raw food meals.

Many come to him with their own nutritional problems. Andreas assists and supports them in adopting a healthy nutritional programme and lifestyle. As a healer, Andreas sees the raw food lifestyle as more than just a diet, the raw food lifestyle is a philosophy towards life that advocates conscious and healthy treatment of oneself and the natural world.

If Andreas senses that nutrition is partly or fully responsible for illness affecting his patients and advises them of this, many patients initially have difficulty changing their eating habits. Andreas is happy to guide them, oversee and assist them in their transition to healthier nutrition. For this purpose, some of the workshops he offers focus on preparing raw food meals in groups so that participants are able to see for themselves how easy and fast preparing delicious raw food meals can be.

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