Raw Food Kitchen Appliances

We are often asked what raw food kitchen appliances we recommend. Below we provide you with a list of kitchen appliances, some of which we use at our raw food workshops.  

We are happy to advise you on your choice of kitchen companions and can also order a wide variety of kitchen appliances for you at request.  

Personal Blender - an ideal travel companion  

The personal blender is an ideal travel companion. Many use it at home, but also don’t hesitate to take it along to the office or on vacation. It has a small footprint, is easy to clean and offers an unbeatable range of applications. You can order the Personal Blender from us or from the PSG Perfekte Gesundheit Shop.    


Vitamix – the High-Performance Blender  

With your Vitamix TNC 5200, you can prepare countless raw food creations

Thanks to the high-performance motor of the Vitamix TNC 5200, you can blend your fruits and vegetables to the desired smoothness! Make your own raw smoothies, delicious soups and silky smooth ice cream. You can also easily prepare nut butter or pesto to satisfy the needs of one person or an entire family. You can order the Vitamix from us or e.g. the PSG Perfekte Gesundheit Shop.  


Green Star – Juicer 

Fresh juices are full of vitamins and enzymes. These essential vital substances are very sensitive. Centrifugal juicers operate at up to 13,000 rpm and damage these vital substances. The Green Star is a low impact, high quality juicer. The Green Star juicer is ideal for fresh fruit and vegetable juices not to mention healthy chlorophyll-rich juices such as wheatgrass juice. The Green Start offers an unmatched juice yield, which saves time and money. Blending fresh and frozen fruits (for sorbets) is a cinch with the healthy juicer. Confect made of nuts or almonds with pitted dates and other dried fruits are particularly tasty. You can order the Green Star Juicer from us or e.g. the PSG Perfekte Gesundheit Shop


Excalibur – Dehydrator for raw bread, crackers etc.  

Those who want to prepare dried fruit, but also raw pastries such as raw bread or raw crackers swear by the Excalibur Food Dehydrator. Its horizontal air flow system makes it possible to spread fruit purées in a fine layer and to prepare fruit leather.  The Excalibur Food Dehydrator is also perfect for drying herbs including fruits, mushrooms and tomatoes. You can order the Excalibur from us or e.g. the PSG Perfekte Gesundheit Shop.

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