Raw Food Events

Our events are right for you, if you:

  • are just starting your transition to raw foods
  • are enthusiastic about gourmet foods
  • are curious and want to learn more about this delicious, healthy lifestyle
  • value your health
  • want to lose weight
  • want to enjoy delicious meals without any regrets
  • think in a holistic manner or would like to learn more about holistic thinking
  • want to find out what your body really needs
  • are in search of fun, joy and happiness in your life
  • want to cleanse your spirit and enhance your inner strength

The goal is not to go 100% raw, to live life in abstinence or to force oneself through a raw food programme.

At our events, we immerse ourselves in a world of culinary enjoyment. Newfound knowledge increases the need for personal responsibility and also allows us to make 100% heartfelt decisions.

What you get:

  • detailed and interesting information on raw food nutrition, its effect on our body and mind
  • orientation with complex foods and their effect
  • information and tips on how you can easily make the raw food lifestyle part of your everyday life
  • plenty of exciting recipes

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